Wednesday, January 13, 2016

High-skill movements are hard to learn - do them anyway

Everyone hates burpees!
Most of the movements we do in our gym are high-skill. You can sign up for a cardio-sculpt-toning-whatever class at the rec center, and you will get up to speed pretty quickly because the movements are low skill, designed for people to learn quickly. Easy to learn - but it doesn't work as well as the fundamental movements we teach you. Yes, we make it hard on you. If you're new to our S&C classes, you may feel frustrated that you're always getting corrections on your form, that you're struggling to feel confident with many of the things we do.

That's okay! Very few people come in the door knowing correct form with the kettlebell, with the barbell, the Olympic lifts, or the power lifts. Even things like pull-ups, push-ups, unweighted squats, and rowing, that seem pretty straightforward, can be done with precise positioning and full range of motion, and we will insist that you do that. Form is king at Barbell Strategy, and our goal is to get everyone moving well and getting stronger and more confident. We do it because it works.

If you are thinking about joining our S&C classes, rest assured that we will help you to learn correct form and help you to gradually improve as you get more experience. Our classes are small and coaches are here to teach, not just lead you through a workout. But if you would like a more personalized, one-on-one learning experience to get started, consider starting out with a few sessions of personal training. If you are already a member at Barbell Strategy and you would like some more individual attention and time to hone skills, one or more sessions of personal training can be a great way to augment your work in the S&C classes.

Remember, something worth doing is worth doing well. Put form first, work hard through difficulty, and take pride in the skills you are learning.
deadlift 2x5 - add weight from last time (more info)


5 rounds with full recovery:
8 front squats (~65%)
two laps heavy farmers walk