Saturday, January 30, 2016

January visit contest down to the wire!

The 5:30 class deadlifting heavy. First time using the red plates for Kim! Everyone really worked hard and finshed the week with some heavy totals.
Dorshka, Todd, and Lauren are all tied for the top spot in the most-visits-in-January contest.  Today is the last day to be in the gym in January.  It's totally possible that we'll have a 4-way tie after tomorrow.  In the event of a tie we'll do sudden death into February until we have a winner.

It's been great to see the commitment this month! The winner of the contest will have a greater than 50% visit rate in January. I love that we've had so many people consistently show up this month. Keep that up into the rest of the year and you'll see some huge changes in your fitness.

Now that we've been training some of you consistently for the last 8 months, I'm really starting to see some changes in body composition and strength. It's those of you who show up every week that are the ones where I see the biggest changes. I can't be more proud of you and the work you've done in the 8 months.