Monday, January 25, 2016

Jordan is our new Club Coach

Tim and Elizabeth training for the CO State and Open weightlifting meet in February.
In case you didn't know, we have a USA Weightlifting Club associated with our gym. Last week Jordan officially became our Club Coach. She's available for private and small group coaching by appointment and will fill in for Randy during the regularly scheduled Weightlifting Club practice. (Women, stay tuned, she's also going to be hosting regularly scheduled women's only Olympic Weightlifting seminars suitable for all skill levels soon!) Be sure to take advantage of having such great weightlifting coaches available to you. After the meet in February we will have a long stretch until the next meet, so you'll have lots of time to get ready for competition.

Speaking of Weightlifting Club practice: now that we are growing and our classes are getting bigger (yay!) we need to start being more strict with our schedule. Starting in February (next week), our S&C class time will only be for S&C class and our Weightlifting Club practice time will only be for club practice.  We will expand our Individualized Programming hours (check the schedule) so there are more options for those of you who are working on specialized programming. All members are welcome to join the S&C class, but you'll need to be doing the class activities now because it's too crowded to have people working on their own things. We can make special one-time exceptions if you need them, but be sure to ask the class instructor first! Thanks for your cooperation with this policy.
strength - add weight from last time (more info) 

push press 5x3 


AMRAP in 20 min

15 air squats
1 lap heavy farmer's walk
5 push-ups