Monday, February 1, 2016

Rowers: sign up for the regatta!

Important information for the rowing club: make sure you sign up for the regatta in two weeks.  To participate, you have to sign up here at Regatta Central. When you sign up, you'll need to create your profile and that's where you get to add your team affiliation: use Barbell Strategy Rowing Club.  You've been training all fall and winter for the 2k, which is on Saturday. Feel free to do a 1k or even a 500m. (Take it from me, though, the 500 really hurts and ruins your day). It's all included in your $25 entry fee.

I've done this event two or three times, and it's really fun.  Racing with 8 or more boats on the monitor is really cool.

Next Saturday, let's talk about carpooling down to Denver. If you only do the 2k, you'll be done before noon. If you're planning on going, be sure to let Mike and Kevin know so that we don't miss anyone.
strength - add weight from last time (more info) 

squat 3x5 



Heavy KB Swing (32/20)
Wall Ball