Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Strength training to complement sport

In addition to our normal programming, we have been doing special team classes for Ric Rojas Running, a team of local track and field athletes.

Ric and his athletes have done several sessions with us, and they have found it to be really useful in supplementing the sports-specific training they do, developing explosive power, strength, and making the kids more robust to injury. The kids enjoy the class too.

We'd love to develop something similar for any local team of athletes. We have been tweaking the program and really like the format we've come up with. Randy has been doing strength programming utilizing the Olympic lifts for a variety of athletes for decades - he and Jordan are the best in the area at this and we'd love to expand our reach to all the local athletes.

There is no sport where being more powerful and stronger would hurt. Strength and power will benefit any athlete, giving them the edge they're looking for. We've talked to runners (both sprinters and marathoners), climbers, fighters, and even fencers and have found that using the Olympic and classic strength lifts complements their sports and fills in the gaps that their sports-specific training leaves open.

If you have a team of athletes, we would love to work with you. If you know of any local teams, please let them know about our program and encourage them to get in touch with us. Our standard program is 3 months long and meets for only one hour a week. It is open to anyone, even those with no experience with a barbell. We look forward to working with athletes of all types.
strength - add weight from last time (more info) 

squat 3x5 


for time:

accumulate 30 bodyweight squats and 30 pull-ups
split up the reps in any way