Thursday, March 17, 2016

Fast cycling technical movements

Josh at work on Saturday's prowler push. 
Yesterday we did a conditioning workout with fast-cycled cleans. Up to this point, we've avoided doing the more technical movements like Olympic lifts in a "for time" workout because we wanted you to get proficient with the movements without a strong time pressure. But now that people are moving well, we are going to start doing a little more of these fast-cycled movements. It's a great workout, it's fun, and, with a solid foundation of good form, it's safe. We will still hold you to good movement standards, but there's a learning curve in quickly moving through multiple reps of highly technical lifts.

If this quick cycling felt weird yesterday and you found yourself taking a lot of time to set up, don't worry. More practice will make the movement feel more natural. It can help to think about something like the clean as moving from the top to the top of the lift, with only a quick touch to the ground in between. Think of it as learning to move fluidly and efficiently at moderate weight, much like the kettlebell work we do. And learning to just GO off the ground will help you to conquer any over-thinking you may do on the Olympic lifts!
strength - add weight from last time (more info) 

squat 3x5 


5 rounds:

1:00 row (replace with 1:00 KB complex for the noon class)
1:00 KB swings
1:00 rest