Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Four misconceptions that keep you from being your best self

I wish I had 20 Laurens at the gym - she has a great attitude, she embraces struggle, and she is always improving.
We coaches are always concerned that you don't hurt yourself, that you're getting adequate rest, that you feel a sense of accomplishment, and that you avoiding unhealthy obsessions with eating. However, it's important that you don't go too far in the other direction. Here are four points to keep in mind if you want to be your fittest, strongest, healthiest self:

1. Mistaking being out of breath for being out of shape. I often hear that someone is getting tired during a workout because they're out of shape. But if you're coming in regularly, you are in shape and you are capable of doing the workouts. Remember, if you were in better shape, you would simply move faster or lift heavier, and you would still get tired! No one is immune from a hard working feeling hard.

2. Mistaking sore muscles for injury. Over the course of training, you will experience a lot of aches and pains, and especially, sore muscles. The best way to work through that soreness is to come in the next day and move through it. It really works! Waiting until all your soreness is gone doesn't really do any good and will hinder your progress. Rather than focusing on your sore muscles and feeling bad, embrace it as the feeling of getting stronger.

3. Avoiding struggle. You need to struggle a bit to learn new skills. Everyone struggles with something, and most of us struggle with many of the skills we do in the gym. Don't feel bad that you are having difficulty mastering something. And definitely don't avoid days with movements that are hard for you. Come in and keep working through it, and when you do get it, the victory will be that much sweeter.

4. Thinking you can eat healthy without making sacrifices. I wish I could tell you that eating healthy is easy. There are many that claim "everything in moderation" works. I disagree. For me, eating healthy means permanently giving up some things I really like. That can be difficult. But it's worth it to feel my best.

I guess the short version of this post is that you are not delicate - toughen up and make great things happen.
strength - add weight from last time (more info) 

press 3x5 


20 rounds:

every 1:00 do 1 heavy clean and jerk