Wednesday, March 16, 2016

How to improve at kettlebells

Brian gets a snatch with the 32kg kettlebell (and then he gets another). Consistent technique work pays off. 

Everyone in my noon class has been making great progress on their kettlebell technique, and they are starting to get into heavier weights. Technique is key in kettlebells - the more precise your movements, the more efficient you can be, and the more you can use your whole body and not just your arms to move the bell. Kettlebells also train physical stamina and mental toughness. It can take a lot of courage to keep executing those explosive movements with heavy weights when you get tired.

The best way to get better at kettlebells is to practice the movements often. When you are confident in your technique, you can really go for it. Add some kettlebell snatches and clean and jerks to your warm-up so that you're practicing them consistently. Ask for feedback on your form. And for some extra fun, join us on Tuesday or Thursday at noon for a kettlebell workout.
strength - add weight from last time (more info) 

deadlift 2x5 


5 rounds for time:

3 tall box jumps
5 power cleans
7 burpees