Tuesday, March 1, 2016

If the gym is open, there's a coach available for you.

Kevin, Jeremy, Dorshka, Vaidy, Josh, and Jyothi at the 5:30 showing a good push press lockout.  Arms locked, head through, shoulders stable.  Lots of reps tonight - but as Josh said, it helped him learn the right way to do it.
We've noticed a trend in the gym culture lately that's been bothering us. We are often compared to a typical CrossFit gym, and while we may have come from that side of the industry, we are clearly not a CrossFit.  The one thing we do have in common with those kind of gyms is that we have a fairly high membership cost (it's no $10/month planet fitness membership).  It's unfortunate that we have to be less inclusive with our prices - part of it is Boulder rent - but most of it is that we pay qualified, talented coaches to give you all of their attention when you're there.

This used to be the model: cheap gym where you're on your own vs. expensive gym where you get quality coaching. But it looks like there's a new trend: expensive gym where they offer "open gym".

Open gym is an euphemism for come in, mess around, do your own thing, don't get hurt, but still pay us for the coaching. That's just not right. If you're paying the price for quality, personalized coaching, you should be getting that.

Most people who have visited us from the culture of open gym were originally a little put off that they couldn't just do what they wanted at our gym, but everyone has come to appreciate the attention from our coaches. We not only offer instruction on safety and proper form, but all of our coaches can write personalized programs for you specially for your goals - and it's all included in your membership! If the doors are open and the lights are on, we have a coach available for you. Don't settle for "open gym" while paying the high costs associated with a professional full-time coach.
strength - add weight from last time (more info) 

front squat 3x5 


row 250m

30 KB swings
row 500m
20 KB swings (heavier than previous round)
row 750m
10 KB swings (heavier yet)
row 1000m

*if there are not enough ergs for everyone, it will be coach's choice round-robin rowing with a similar time and intensity domain.