Thursday, March 31, 2016

Move right then move strong

Full house, all the weights in use.
Reminder: Both Randy and Jordan will be out of town this weekend, so we'll have a compressed schedule for Weightlifting Club Practice. Friday weightlifting practice will overlap with S&C class hours at 5:30-6:30.  Saturday weightlifting practice will also overlap with S&C class 10:30-1:00.

Now on to today's rant...actually, it's not much of a rant. I wanted to congratulate those of you who are really paying attention to our daily strength progression work. Many of you are really taking this seriously - you have your logs, you know what your weights are, and you slowly add weight each workout. You are the ones making the best progress, getting stronger, and lifting with really good and safe form.

It's important to be patient and add weight slowly. For the new folks, the starting weights are really light. It may feel like it's too easy to get a good workout, but that's by design! I want you to learn how to move without the heavy weight. You need to do hundreds of reps to get your body used to moving right. By the time the weight gets heavy, you'll have the motor-neuron patterns burned in and you'll be getting a good workout. Look at the guys who have been doing this program from the beginning - they're lifting some serious weight while looking good.

The folks over at Strong First (damn them for taking that tag line - I wanted that for our gym!) have a good article about the importance of progression and progressing at the right rate. When it came across my RSS, it reminded me of our strength progression. Move slowly and perfectly before you do more.

Don't get intimidated or pressured to go fast on your daily progression just because someone next to you is lifting twice what you're lifting. They've been doing this longer and you'll get there - be patient!
strength - add weight from last time (more info) 

push press 5x3 


8 rounds:

every 3:00
3 snatches (heavy-but-perfect)