Monday, March 7, 2016

Ron's thoughts on Barbell Strategy

Ron: Left - how most people see him at work, Center and Right - the badass Ron that I know.
Ron is almost our longest-standing member at Barbell Strategy - the only reason he's #2 in the system is that he signed his son, Jeremy, up for a membership 2 minutes earlier. He was there on day #0 helping us unload the truck and set up the gym, and he comes in every week - training for a meet in the spring.

Ron practices medicine at Avista Hospital, just down the road in Louisville where he's also the Chief of Staff. Last week we were talking about his thoughts about how things are going since he's been training with us since the beginning. Below is a guest blog post in Ron's own words about his experiences at Barbell Strategy.

Thanks so much for taking the time to write this. We love working out with you and your family, Ron!

BSSC Thoughts

By Ron Robinson, MD

I guess you could describe me as someone who really enjoys weightlifting. My cousin introduced me to the sport in 1980, and I’ve been lifting ever since. Even the academic rigors of medical school and the grueling 120-hour workweeks in internship didn’t stop me from hitting the gym.

After thirty years of isolation exercises—working on those beach muscles—I was feeling bored enough with “traditional” lifting to learn the Olympic lifts. Thanks to the excellent coaching I’ve received in Boulder, I’m once again thrilled to lift!

Imagine how happy I was to learn that Mike and Amy had opened their gym in South Boulder. Now I can lift with not only two of the most knowledgeable trainers I have met, but also world-class Olympic lifting coach Randy Hauer and his crew; right here in SoBo!

In counterpoint to my love of lifting, my wife is not someone who is naturally drawn to weight training. She gets plenty of movement as a Nia instructor and avid cyclist, but she has struggled to find a resistance exercise program that keeps her interested. At BSSC she thoroughly enjoys the friendly atmosphere, individualized attention, and fresh programming that are staples of Amy and Mike’s offering.

At BSSC, I’ve found a gym that far exceeds my expectations, and a group of fellow weightlifters I’m proud to sweat with!

strength - add weight from last time (more info) 

3 attempts for max push-ups 


4 Tabatas:

air squat

do this like the Wed, Feb 17 workout.