Friday, April 29, 2016

We're boring, and proud of it.

Kassi and Mark squatting. We do lots of squatting. It's simple, it makes you strong, everyone can do it.
The summer beach season gym marketing push is in full swing. I'm getting tons of sales calls for marketers looking to promote the gym. I'm also seeing tons of marketing from other gyms telling you why the special program they offer you is going to make you more fit in less time with less energy. We don't participate in that nonsense.

We don't need a wall of assault bikes and ski ergs and other fancy high-tech equipment to get you strong and fit. That's all a distraction. If your goals are to get strong, lean out, and/or be healthier, all you need to do is lift some weight - but do it consistently.

I've been feeling down about all the slick marketing that I'm seeing as we head into the summer, but I came across this article yesterday that reminded me that we're doing the right thing. Simple strength training that keeps you coming back consistently will do more for you than anything else out there.

There's nothing fancy about getting fitter.

strength - add weight from last time (more info) 

press 3x5 


3 rounds

every 5:00
row for calories for 2:00 
then heavy KB swings to total 50 (that is, calories+swings=50)

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