Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Don't let your ego get in the way of progress

Melissa's form on this PR deadlift is as perfect as her warmup weight. 
As we kick off the endurance program, I've noticed a bit of resistance to (or at least disbelief of) the idea of working out so slow and light. Additionally, as the pre-workout strength program has progressed (we're about 6 months in now), I've noticed that many of you are rushing to increase your weights.

Remember, fitness is a long-term mission. You need to put a lot of time in at low weights and low intensity to build your base. It's okay if once in a while a PR looks less-than pretty, but you don't want to spend too much time moving poorly. Your brain will reinforce the movement patterns that it does the most, so if you practice moving perfect at low weights, then you don't have to worry when it gets heavy, you will do the right thing. Maybe we can get Amy to write a post about the myelination of neurons and motor pattern reinforcement.

Don't be too quick to go heavy. The strength program starts very light. That's by design. If you come in every day and do your 3x5s and very slowly increase the weight, you will soon be lifting your old max for 5. I've seen it. Once it gets heavy, don't be afraid to deload and ramp up slowly again.

I understand how much fun it is to lift heavy - right now I'm in the heavy cycle of my programs, and it's fun! But you have to earn that fun, you need to put your time in building a base - I spent 10 months over the last year staying below 80%. Don't believe the internet fitness gurus who tell you that you need to kill it every workout because that's the way to burn-out and injury.

If you need to go down in weight to learn to move properly, do it. It takes a strong person to lift less weight.

Mark, wearing his PR yarmulke, is a good example of meticulous adherence to the slow progression on the strength program - he easily pulls for 5 what his old 1RM was. 

strength - add weight from last time (more info) 

squat 3x5 


3 rounds for sense of urgency

20 KB swings
sprint to stop sign and back
5 burpees

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