Monday, May 16, 2016

Farm Report Monday

Heritage pork bratwurst, red spinach, and caramelized green onions from Cure Organic Farm
Another Farm Report Monday: yesterday we bought bratwurst (heritage pork), red spinach, and green onions from our favorite farm stand. (By the way, I know it's the place for me because they also sell yarn. That might go in the basket next week.) It's amazing how different heritage meats are from even high-quality mass produced meat. We are big eaters in our house, and we were all totally satisfied with one brat. I don't know what it is, higher concentration of nutrients, more intense flavors maybe, but this kind of meat is much more satiating than what we usually buy. Really interesting. More reason to care about where your food comes from.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Starting this week, the noon class is going on hiatus and I will be teaching a class at 4:15 instead. I hope to see my noon regulars there as well as some new faces. A bonus to the new time is that my class and Mike's class will finally get to run into each other as you're leaving/arriving. It will be like one big family.

COMING UP: Remember to mark your calendars for our not-quite-1-year-anniversary party/barbecue/potluck/open house on Memorial Day. We'll be getting to the gym around 10, so come on by after you finish the Bolder Boulder (or anytime through the afternoon) and bring your friends and family to meet your Barbell Strategy family. We'll fire up the grill out back, and you can bring a dish or drink to share if you like. All are welcome, no workout required.

strength - add weight from last time (more info) 

front squat 3x5 


work up to a heavy push jerk 
8 singles at 80%

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