Tuesday, May 24, 2016

GMOs: Discuss

fake grass roots
GMOs: good for the environment or frankenfoods that will kill us all?

Global Warming - I mean - Climate Change: the ocean will rise and drown New York, or everything's fine?

Vaccines: the best things ever or the government's way of poisoning everyone?

Glyphosate: dangerous endocrine disruptor or the solution to hunger?

Saturated Fat: the best nutrient ever or your arteries will clog and your heart will stop just by looking at bacon?

High-fructose corn syrup: the way to feed people cheaply or the most toxic poison unleashed on the American people?

Can you find a reasoned argument about any of these topics on the internet? Or is it all ad hominem attacks and attempts at discrediting the messenger rather than the message?

Watch this, it's only 10 minutes:

And then read this and this.

Be very suspicious when you see the name calling: antivaxxer, climate denier, ...

Don't trust your google searches and your social media for advice - you can trust me because you know I'm not taking money from special interests - we'd have a much nicer gym if we were :)

It's kind of funny to me that astroturfing is starting to hit the mainstream - we've known about this in the tech industry for many many years, so I've been pretty perceptive of it.


squat 3x5


8 rounds
every 1:00
3 squats at 50%
8 rounds
every 1:00
2 deadlifts at 50%

move fast!

Endurance Option

accumulate 15 squats at 5RM


same as workout - drop sets if you need to keep below your AeroMAX

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