Monday, May 2, 2016

Heading into the fast & heavy months

Remember to wish Amy a happy birthday tomorrow. She likes wine and coffee...
Now that the days are getting longer and we're heading into the summer, you'll notice that the workouts will start to get shorter, heavier, and faster (except of course, for today, but that's how the plan worked out). We spent most of the winter working at reasonably light weight and making sure that we were moving correctly. Now's the time to start increasing the weights. We're still going to be sticklers on proper movement patterns - going heavy is not an excuse to move poorly. But we want you to start challenging yourself more. Make sure you keep a training log so that you know what your 1RM is for most of your lifts because we want to keep challenging that this summer.

Call for endurance athletes: on a different note, I'm starting to get really intrigued about using smart low-level conditioning and basic barbell movements to train endurance athletes. The gym has always been built around this idea, but I'm really going into the rabbit hole of research and want to try some new stuff. If you're serious about long-distance performance and want to be a guinea pig for me, or you know someone who might be interested, let me know. I want to do a 12-ish week program geared towards endurance sports. Novices to barbells are welcome (even encouraged!) - we're not going to be attempting any powerlifting records, this is for anyone!

strength - add weight from last time (more info) 

power snatch 5x2 


for 20:00

one-hand KB swings
switch as needed, rest as needed
*bring a heart rate monitor if you have one*

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