Monday, May 23, 2016

Mark your calendars - Memorial Day open house

Mark your calendars! We're not inviting dragons, so no need to hide the spicy salsa. (Source: Dragons Love Tacos)
We are one week away from our Memorial Day almost-anniversary party and open house. Mark your calendars (like the excited dragon above) and come on by after the Bolder Boulder with your friends and family. We'll have pork roast and burgers on the grill and whatever sides and drinks I can manage. It's optional potluck, so if you feel inclined, bring a side or drink or something to throw on the grill. Remember Whole Foods is right next door if you want to pick something up last-minute.

Since it's Monday, you need the farm report: Sunday's farm store haul: duck eggs, spring onions, spring lettuce mix, and heritage pork chorizo. And I somehow resisted the yarn again. Very tasty, and two thumbs up from Alek on the duck eggs. Sadly, the ducks were sleeping and we couldn't hang out with him.


power snatch 5x2


accumulate 15 squats at 80%
accumulate 15 deadlifts at 80%
break up sets as needed, no failures

Endurance Option

Same as regular workout

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