Thursday, May 26, 2016

Memorial Day BBQ after the Bolder Boulder

Beware, this excellent documentary inspired a libertarian rant that will be coming.
Just a short post today. I'm up late because I watched Sugar Coated which is a great documentary about the parallels between the sugar industry and the tobacco industry and how they manipulate science and the government to keep the truth away from you. I have to let the longer rant simmer before I write it, but in the mean time, go watch this. It's on Netflix. It has two of my favorite people: Taubes and Lustig; and, it uses footage from the old sugar mill in Longmont that I use to live by.

Also remember, you're invited to come to our post Bolder Boulder BBQ at the gym (no sugar added). Randy kindly offered to smoke a pork shoulder - we'll have that and some other selection of meats available. Bring a side or something to share if you want some variety. Hope to see you there.


3 attempts for max pull-ups


front squat 3-3-2-2-1-1-1 to a new 1RM

Endurance Option

3 attempts for max pull-ups


5 rounds:
5 front squats
20 one-arm KB swings
rest as needed to stay below AeroMAX

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