Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Only eat ingredients, not food that has ingredients

This is what real food looks like.
There is way too much information out there on nutrition. That's probably because we all have to eat, and we want to be healthy, so there's a huge demand for nutrition guidance. Much of the advice is contradictory, there's plenty that is actually wrong, and much is just misdirected or overgeneralized. But one thing that I think most people can agree on is that real food is best. What is real food? It doesn't come in a box or a bag or a jar or a can. The most real food doesn't even come from a store.

Two weeks ago, we went in on a cow share and stocked up our freezer with grass-fed (and grass finished) beef. On Sunday, we were inadvertently the first customers of the season at Cure Organic Farm's store. We picked up some spring onions and some escarole and they were very tasty.

I'm not going to preach that everyone needs to source every item on their dinner table from the farmer's market or a local rancher. But the more of your food that you can source more directly like this, the better informed you can get about your food's origins, the healthier you will be. You don't need to count calories or blocks, or plan out your food weeks in advance, or buy specially portioned and balanced meals. Just focus on getting as up close and personal with your food as you can, ditch the pre-prepared stuff, and make simple, whole-food meals in your own kitchen. You'll be amazed at how much more nourished you feel.

strength - add weight from last time (more info) 

push press 5x3 


8 rounds:

every 3:00
3 clean and jerks

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