Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Start slow and taper off

Carrie smiles when she swings.
"Start slow and taper off." I stole that quote from Randy who stole it from another coach (I don't remember who) years ago. We kicked off our endurance work today, and everyone was surprised how slow they had to go to keep their heart rate low. When starting a program like this, it may be demoralizing to have to slow down to a walk or super light paddle on the row, but just stick with it.

Here's an article by the guy who invented this whole 180-age rule. This isn't new information, either. Just like I say that there's nothing new in the S&C world, we're just repackaging stuff they knew in the '60s - there's nothing new in the endurance world either.  We're repackaging research from the '80s; it has been out there a long time, but no one really believes that you can be fit this easily. Everyone wants to struggle.

I've also had some questions about heart rate monitors. I still have my 15-year-old one that was the cheapest option available then, and it still works for this. I think every heart rate monitor you buy has an alarm that can be set to at least one rate. Here's a list of them from Amazon that checks the "alarm" box. Lauren and Carrie also have some fancy ones that talk to your smart phone and give you a full graph of your heart rate during your workout and do all kinds of fancy logging - kids these days and their technology!  It's all fine, just find an easy way to keep your heart rate below 180-age.


press 3x5


5 rounds for sense of urgency:
sprint to the stop sign
10 heavy KB swings
5 pull-ups

Endurance Option

accumulate 15 presses at 5RM


20 minutes below AeroMAX
jog to the stop sign
10 KB swings left
10 KB swings right
ring rows

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