Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Why you can't lose weight on a diet

Pay attention to your internal huger and satiety signals.
Today's article for Science Tuesday is Why You Can't Lose Weight on a Diet from the New York Times. I liked it, maybe because it was written by a fellow neuroscientist. But I think it's a really solid article that's relatively easy to follow and that makes a lot of interesting points. The main idea is that dieting, specifically calorie restriction, is a stressor that causes all kinds of changes in your brain signaling and screws up the way your brain and the rest of your body communicate and manage your weight in the future. This reinforces my position that if you want to lose weight, you should focus on food quality, not food quantity. We have an incredibly complicated system of hormones and feedback systems that are there to keep us from starving, and you can't outwit that with a calculator. The author emphasizes that to be healthy and keep from gaining weight, you need to pay attention to your internal hunger and satiety signals. I agree, and to that I would add that you need to eat real food (see yesterday's post) that is satisfying and nourishing and avoid processed, hyper-palatable foods that mess with your brain's signaling, and this will help your hunger and satiety signals function properly. Eat mindfully, and eat real food.

I also love the finding the author cites (which I've seen many other places) that exercise is beneficial to health regardless of weight loss. That's a huge part of why we opened Barbell Strategy. I don't care if we never see shocking weight transformations from our members - what I care about is that people are getting and staying healthy. We have been sold the idea that to be healthy, we have to be thin, or thinner, and that without weight loss, exercise is pointless. But getting strong, fast, and agile will help you live a longer, better life even if the number on your scale never budges.

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