Monday, June 13, 2016

Barbell Strategy Graduate #1: Jeremy

Jeremy after a year of hard work
Jeremy is off to Basic Training! He shipped out yesterday to Fort Benning but still came to the Saturday workout with his dad. We've worked with him since day 1 - he was even here before day 1 to help us unload and set up the gym. He has worked hard all year with the singular focus to be prepared for a rapid fire succession of Airborne and Ranger school directly after Basic. He's ready! Not only has he done all the work and put everything he had into every workout, he was a pleasure to work with. I wish him success in his new career in the U.S. Army.

Jeremy helping us unload the truck to set up the gym last year


power snatch 5x2


3x5 clean lift-off
3x5 Romanian deadlift
3x5 deadlift
(keep weight light-enough that all 45 total reps look perfect)

Endurance Option

10x1/1:00 power snatch


same as main workout

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