Thursday, June 2, 2016

Meet the new label, same as the old label.

The libertarian in me wants to dissolve all federal agencies and get rid of all traffic lights.
Last week, or maybe two weeks ago the FDA unveiled the new and improved food labels. The blogosphere erupted into two camps: "Yay, this will help people and fight obesity" to "It's still wrong, and it will never help".

I could point out that a calorie is not a calorie, so making it bigger and bolder just perpetuates the myth that you should count calories. The food industry loves that because it gets them off the hook for sugar-rich hyperpaletable addictive foods that drive metabolic syndrome.

I could point out that the sodium recommendations are totally wrong. Simple differential equations can show that, even in the absence of any medical assumptions - ask the poor souls who got that lecture at the chalk board in the gym. Even if you don't believe differential equations, Gary Taubes wrote this years ago (it's kind of funny reading that now after reading so much Taubes, he was so much less angry and frustrated with the system back then).

I could point out that classifying added sugars is meaningless. I don't care if the sugar is natural or added, it's sugar. Your body sees it all the same. You can take a hundred oranges and juice them and have more sugar than a soda - but it's not added sugar, so it must be healthy.

But I won't point out all the uselessness of yet another government mandated regulation that actually does nothing to protect us.  Because it really doesn't matter. You shouldn't be buying things with the nutrition label anyway. You should be buying ingredients, not food that has ingredients. Fresh fruits and vegetables, local grass fed meat, wild fish - those don't come with nutrition labels.


press 3x5


12 rounds:
every 1:00
3 presses at 50% 1RM

Endurance Option

accumulate 15 presses at 5RM


same as main workout, drop sets if you approach your AeroMAX.

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