Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Moving with precision (and not banging your head into the car door)

I recently read the post Be Silent to Be Efficient on Breaking Muscle, and I like the message and think it is super important for translating what we learn in the gym to useful stuff in real life. The point of the article is that moving quietly ends up meaning carefully and with precision. When you take your time and make precise movements instead of banging and slamming around the gym, you'll find that you can better direct your energy to what you're doing and you can also help to prevent injuries.

Outside the gym, I am always looking at how people around me move (occupational preoccupation) and I am always noticing how careless, rushed, and inefficient people are with their movements. I'm often guilty too, and when I slow down and move more softly, I know that I'm safer. Think about it this way: if you're going to get hurt, at least do it doing something you love - skiing, dancing, playing with your kids. Don't do it because you weren't paying attention and slipped on the stairs or bashed your head into your car door. (Note: I regularly bash my head into my car door, sigh.) And for the love of Pete, don't hurt yourself in the gym. You're here to get healthy, strong, and fit, not to hurt yourself. Nothing we do is a competition, and while it's good to push yourself, you can do that while thinking calm thoughts, staying focused, and moving with care.


deadlift 2x5


AMRAP 20:00
KB clean
KB front squat
KB jerk
KB front squat
KB snatch

Rest as needed. Switch arms as needed.

Endurance Option

accumulate 15 deadlifts at 5RM


same as above

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