Thursday, June 16, 2016

Nutritional Science and Exercise Science aren't Science and never will be

I'm going to punt a little today. Not because I'm lazy, but because another person I follow wrote a better post about this than I ever will. Daniel Lemire is a computer scientist at the University of Quebec, he writes about lots of computer science-y, technology things. I actually disagree with many of his techno-optimist views (I'm on the paleo side of things, and think technology actually makes our lives worse), but I do love his thoughts on computer science so I follow him.

A couple of weeks ago he had a great rant (READ IT HERE) about the terrible state of medical "science" and how it's actually set us back. It's something that I see every day when I try to read the latest in nutrition and exercise science. Everything that's published is worst than bad science, it's anti-science. As someone who's studied a real science (where hypotheses can be verified as false), the state of our science-ification of the nutrition, health, and fitness world really bothers me.

tl;dr. Everything you read is wrong, ignore it all. Don't fall for the crap being passed off as science. Don't trust anyone who passes themselves off as a scientist and who is smarter than you.


lift-off (your choice, snatch or clean) 5x5


8 rounds
every 3:00
3 clean and jerks (~90%, but perfect)

Endurance Option

accumulate 15 lift-offs at 50% 1RM deadlift


same as main workout, drop sets if you approach your AeroMAX

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