Monday, June 6, 2016

Strength cycle begins again this month

Randy thought he smoked enough pork, but we finished 18lbs (8kg for the weightlifters) in less than a half hour.
In the yearly programming cycle, we focus on strength during the summer months. It's easier to get strong when you get lots of sun. The workouts will be shorter (or at least fewer reps), so if you can get in more times during the week, that would be good - frequently revisiting movements is important in gaining strength.

Amy wants to do a month or two of kettlebell focus also, so you'll probably see lots of kettlebell skill work and kettlebell complexes on our conditioning days. The unilateral work will help compliment the heavy barbell days.

Reminder for the endurance folks: when we do the accumulate-15-at-5RM pattern, you want to have a short rest cycle (20-30s) and never miss a rep. If you are able to do the 15 as 3x5, then next time go up in weight.


squat 3x5


8 rounds
every 2:00
3 cleans (~90%)

Endurance Option

accumulate 15 squats at 5RM


16 minutes to complete 24 heavy cleans while below AeroMAX

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