Friday, June 3, 2016

The summer of the overhead squat

Many things we do in the gym are hard, but some are extra difficult. One movement that people have consistently had trouble with over the last year is the overhead squat. If you're grimacing right now, know that you're not alone. I've seen most of you struggle with the movement and very few people have been able to do it correctly with more than the bar.

This is largely our fault - we program an awful lot of squats and a fair amount of front squats, but rarely include overhead squat in the workout. But I want everyone to master this movement. It's very, very good at activating the core, it places demands on balance and proprioception, and it has a mental component too - you need to move with confidence holding that weight overhead.

So consider this the summer of the overhead squat. In addition to the prescribed warm-up each day, add 15 overhead squats. Start with the PVC pipe until you feel comfortable and confident in the full range of the movement. Squat to a box if needed. Then go to the 15 pound bar, then the 35 pound bar, then the 45 pound bar. Don't move up until it's perfect. Let's get after this - I want everyone to feel great about their overhead squat by the end of the summer.


power clean 5x3


2 rounds:
run 600 m
30 KB swings
10 pull-ups

Endurance Option

power clean 5x3


run 1200 m
100 KB swings
below AeroMAX

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