Thursday, July 7, 2016

Acting stronger will make you stronger

I'm writing today's article as a follow up to Amy's post yesterday, mainly because she wouldn't let me use that picture in a post with her name on the byline.

Yesterday Amy pointed out that positive talk will help you get through a workout quicker. You should trust her, she's a brain doctor. Today I want to point out that you should also pay attention to your posture.  I don't mean having perfect form when you're lifting (you all should just do that anyway!), I'm talking about how you stand before you lift, or how you stand between rounds - especially in a tough workout. I want you to hold "powerful" postures.

Stand tall, take up space, keep your chest up. Don't hunch over or put your head down. When you act big and strong, your body actually releases more hormones that help you be stronger. Don't walk up to the bar with your head down and dejected, walk up with confidence (fake it if you need to - your brain doesn't care). When you're between rounds, stand tall, walk around like you own the place, you will do better.

Here's a summary of the research that actually shows this to be the case, and it has a link to a TED (ugh) talk which is actually pretty good.  The article is more about how to be confident in a business setting, but the same thing goes when trying to maximize your performance elsewhere, like in the gym.

I know I preach taking a rest and using the boxes to sit down between rounds, you can still do that, but make sure you sit in a powerful posture, no acting like you've been defeated.


snatch or clean lift off 5x5
1 TGU after each set


3 rounds with full recovery (recover in a powerful posture)
run 400m
10 burpees
3 heavy KB C&J left
3 heavy KB C&J right

Endurance Option

snatch or clean lift off 5x5
1 TGU after each set


3 continuous rounds below AeroMAX
jog 400m
5 pull-ups
5 KB C&J left
5 KB C&J right

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