Monday, July 11, 2016

Fire season starts: #ColdSpringsFire in Nederland

It looks like the fire season has started. As I write this, the Cold Springs Fire doubled in size today to over 600 acres and there are lots of folks evacuated. If the winds shift tonight, it could get really bad.

First - I know we have some members who live in Nederland, I haven't heard from any of them, I don't know if they're on the evacuated side of town or not (please check in, so I know you're okay). I also know there are a few that live up the canyon, particularly on the Magnolia side which just went under evacuation orders. We were evacuated for over a week during the Four Mile Fire. It sucks. So check with other members of the gym, see if you can help anyone out. When you're away from home in a disaster, it's nice to have a home base.

I know that the government likes to keep the fire fighting to the professionals - and that's good, you don't want to have more people who don't know what they're doing get hurt and have to be rescued. But pay attention to the Boulder OEM page. As they switch their focus from evacuation and immediate personal safety, they'll post the need for volunteers. You guys are all strong and capable, go help clean up slash, dig a fire line, carry heavy stuff. This is why you train to be strong - it's not about the abs, it's about being able to help out.

Finally, I've done the programming for the week like I normally would, but don't just blindly follow the workout if the winds shift and the air quality down here gets bad. Feel free to sub some low intensity lifting or even just mobility work if you don't want to be breathing any smoke. It's not going to make you stronger if you ruin your lungs.


push press 5x3
2 pull-ups between sets


3 rounds
every 5:00
3 heavy cleans
sprint to the red door
heavy KB carry to the stop sign

Endurance Option

accumulate 15 push presses at 5RM
2 pull-ups between sets


same as main workout - it's an intensity day!

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