Friday, July 1, 2016

Move the bar fast

Graphic stolen from linked article. 
So, I've been threatening to write this post for a while, but I keep getting distracted. Then this article came across my RSS which helps to explain what I mean when I say bounce out of the bottom of the squat and keep accelerating the bar.

The article was written by John Welbourn who has inspired lots of our programming and also references Fred Hatfield, who, in addition to being the first person to squat 1000 lbs, has the coolest nickname ever: Dr. Squat.

If you want to be able to move fast you need to train fast. If all of your lifts are heavy-grinding-out-of-the-bottom lifts, you will train your muscles to move slowly. Fast strength is more useful than slow strength. If you play any sports, faster will always be better for you than slower. But even in your regular life, you'll be more coordinated, have better balance, and just be able to move better if your muscles can move fast.

So how do you train fast? One way is to use the quick lifts (clean, snatch, jerk, and their variants) in your strength training. We alternate those lifts in the strength program (just look at today's work - the snatch push press). On the days when we use the more traditional lifts - squat, deadlift - make sure you move fast and keep accelerating the bar. On the squat, bounce out of the bottom, using your stretch reflex in your hamstring to get the bar moving. You should not be struggling on most of your lifts; you get stronger by moving the weight well, not just moving heavy weight slowly.

Remember - no S&C classes Monday (4th of July holiday). Weightlifters, check with Randy before you come in.


snatch push press 5x3
3 pull-ups between sets


8 rounds with full recovery
jog to the stop sign, sprint back
10 swings left
10 swings right

That's a lot of rounds, you may want to move through the warm-up and strength portion a little faster to give you time to get all of this in with enough recovery

Endurance Option

snatch push press 5x3
3 pull-ups between sets


8 rounds below AeroMAX
run to the stop sign and back
10 swings left
10 swings right

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