Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What to do when you try something new

Note: I did my class barefoot! 
Yesterday I took my first ballet class since I was five. (I was not a particularly gifted or motivated 5-year-old dancer, so lessons ended before I was six.) Yesterday's class was actually ballet for baby wearers, with Illy strapped to my front, so nothing too intense or high pressure. But it was not a beginner class - mostly the women taking this class are recent moms with formal ballet training doing an hour of refresher/fun stuff. But for me it was brand-new and really challenging. I have so much respect for dancers!

There are some very interesting parallels between learning ballet and learning weightlifting - coordination, timing, precision, balance, speed, confidence. It had me remembering my learning process for weightlifting, and it gave me a new appreciation for what beginners in the gym encounter. I had to 1) take things one step at a time - be patient and stick the simpler components at first; 2) watch and learn - pay close attention to the instructor and try to match her movements; and 3) persevere - challenge myself to try things that felt strange or frustrating and make a plan to come back and keep learning. These are the same steps I took when I first took up weightlifting (and kettlebells and a bunch of the other stuff we do in the gym), and they worked well. So I encourage you, especially if you're a beginner: to take things one step at a time, watch and learn, and persevere. And for those of you who are more experienced and confident in the gym - go out and try something brand new!


push press 5x3
2 pull-ups between sets


8 rounds:
every 3 minutes:
3 clean and jerks, as close to 90% as you can get with perfect form the whole time

Endurance Option

accumulate 15 push press at 5RM
2 pull-ups between sets


8 rounds:
every 3 minutes:

3 clean and jerks, heavy but stay below AeroMAX

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