Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Consistency pays off

Dorshka's favorite (kettlebells), and least favorite (sprinting from the stop sign) workouts.
Dorshka's last workout was yesterday. I'm sad to see her go. When the gym was getting started, before membership started growing, there were many classes where she was the only one. I got to know her and really enjoyed our conversations about the physics of lifting, fencing, and math (though her specialty, set theory, is my nemesis - I never grasped that!)

She has the gym record for most number of visits, and her consistency has really payed off this last year. She often would come in an hour before class to do extra skill work. Her kettlebell lifts, barbell lifts, box jumps, everything has improved so much from when I first started working with her.  She treats the gym as her job, she rarely misses - even being in every day over the last month while she was packing for her move to D.C.

I encourage all of you to take your health and fitness as seriously as Dorshka does! We wish her good luck in her next stage, hopefully a return to fencing!


squat 3x5
5 push-ups between sets


row 2k for time

Endurance Option

accumulate 15 squats at 5RM
5 push-ups between sets


row 3k at AeroMAX

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