Thursday, August 4, 2016

Mmm...noodle soup.

Amy and I are big fans of bone broth and using it as a base for some very healthy soups. Generally we (and by we, I mean Amy) buy whole chickens, eat the whole animal and then boil the carcass with salt and a little bit of vinegar to make bone broth (I'm using the trendy term "bone broth" because that's what everyone uses now, but bone broth is really just what your grandmother called soup stock).

There's a reason that your grandmother told you to eat chicken soup when you were sick: bone broth contains a very high concentration of the amino acids needed to make glutathione in your body. Glutathione is pretty magical. It has lots of sulfur molecules on the outside, and at the molecular level sulfur is "sticky" (that's the technical term, you can trust me, I'm a chemist).  When you body has enough glutathione, it lines your nose and mouth and any viruses that try to get in get stuck to the glutathione, just like fly paper. So it keeps you from getting sick. Another thing that gluathione does is interfere with with viral mRNA transcription - or simply stated, prevents viruses from multiplying in your body.

Eating soup made from real bone broth will actually keep you from getting sick, and if you're already sick, it can make you get better faster - your grandmother's traditions exist for a reason! I try to have bone broth based soup (or as it used to be called, soup) every day. Since I see so many people in the gym, there's a high probability that someone is going to be sick, so I need to do something not to catch all of your illnesses.

Last week I came home with a nasty headache, but we hadn't cooked any chickens and didn't have any homemade broth. Then I remembered that we had some Kettle and Fire bone broth in the pantry.

(Full Disclosure: Kettle and Fire wanted us to try their broth so they sent us some free samples and some coupons for all the members at the gym.)

Kettle and Fire make bone broth the old fashioned way - they boil bones in acid. Yum! And they have some patented way to package it without preservatives and it can last in your pantry for a long time unrefrigerated.  That's good for me because I forget I have stuff and don't always get around to using it right away.

Step one: only 3 ingredients needed
So we (and by we, I mean Amy) went with our (her) simple and delicious potato soup: broth, potatoes, leeks, boil in a pot, blend.  In fifteen minutes I had some potato soup and my headache was gone. It's hard for me to put into words, but I always feel really good after having our potato soup. It feels like something that was missing gets put back. It's a drastic shift, like I'm missing a key nutrient and it's suddenly back in place.

Step two: chop and boil
The good: having the pre-made bone broth lying around in our pantry was great. We could make soup on-demand, especially when we needed it and we didn't happen to have any leftover roasted chickens. Their bone broth is very well seasoned - we probably could have left out the leeks in our soup because I think theirs was made with onions. It's really tasty, and I hear that lots of people like to drink hot bone broth like coffee, which you could do (we just didn't).

Step three: blend and enjoy.
The bad: The leftover soup we put in the fridge didn't gel up as much as the homemade stuff. When we boil it ourselves we get lots of fat and gelatin in the broth too.  The gelatin comes from the connective tissues and it's good for your connective tissues. I imagine that with the needs of packaging and shelf-stability they have to filter out the fat and gelatin, so I understand, but I do wish it was there.

If anyone is looking for a super convenient way to make soup or even just have some broth to drink, the folks at Kettle and Fire gave us a bunch of coupons, and we're lucky enough that the Whole Foods is only 30 meters away from our front door (the sprint to the red door you're doing in today's workout is over to Whole Foods and back), and they carry it. Coupons are in the cubbies by your performance logs. You can take as many as you want and make some soup - it will make you feel better. (For our vegetarian members, talk to Jyothi, she has some Indian herbs that you boil up and it's supposed to do the same thing as bone broth.)

If you make anything especially tasty, send us the recipe and pictures!


snatch push press 5x3
1 TGU each side between sets


3 rounds, on the 6:00 interval
row 3:00
sprint to the red door
20 heavy KB swings

Endurance Option

snatch push press 5x3
1 TGU each side between sets


3 rounds, on the 6:00 interval
row 3:00
jog to the red door
30 light KB swings
stay below AeroMAX

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