Monday, August 29, 2016

Squat every day?

Day 274. 1st of 3 sets of 10 at 225 after hitting 305 for a single and missing 315.
That picture is of my former workout partner, Ben. He's on a quest to squat to a heavy single every day - you may have run into him when he was visiting Boulder this summer, he got day 250 at Barbell Strategy. Or you may know his parents, Tim and Elizabeth O'Connor, who train with us.

I normally wouldn't condone squatting (or doing anything) every day, but it is a good challenge. You could challenge yourself to worse things than squatting every day. It reminds me of an article I read this weekend: 100% is easy, 99% is hard.

Are you going to eat healthy (like cut out the grains)? Are you going to come to the gym? What about finishing that novel you always wanted to write? If you're committing time and effort (and money?) to something, but not putting your full power behind it, it's exhausting. You're always frustrated that you're not making the progress you want. You're mentally tired from decision fatigue - should I work out today? I'll cheat with dessert just this once. But if you put 100% into something, it just becomes your default.  That's easy.

Pick the thing that's most important to you. I'm hoping that it's your health and fitness (but I'm biased), make a plan, and then commit 100% to it. If you plan to come to the gym every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday (I think 4 days is a great schedule), then you're 100% is coming all of those days. Every week. It's now part of your plan, and you never have to decide if you're coming or not. Put it on your schedule. Make it as important as your job - you don't decide if you're going to go to work every morning do you? It will be hard to get started, but once you're on a roll, 100% becomes easy.

I bet if you ask Ben about how hard it was to have squatted 274 of the last 274 days, he'd just tell you that's what he does. It's part of his plan. He made special arrangements to be with us when he was on vacation because it's what he does. It's 100%.


squat 3x5
5 push-ups between sets


20 minutes to continue squatting to a heavy single for the day


12-9-6 at 65-70%

Endurance Option

accumulate 15 squats at 5RM
5 push-ups between sets


20 minutes to continue squatting to a heavy single for the day


12-9-6 at 55-60%

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