Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Bulgarian Bag

Jordan taking advantage of a 26lb Bulgarian Bag and 30lb weight vest on her run
You learn something every day. I had no idea what a Bulgarian Bag was until Mark brought one into the gym this week. According to Randy, these are as fundamental to wrestlers as Kettlebells are to us - an old-timey simple training device. We'll find a way to use this in our warm-ups soon. Go ahead and play with it and see what fun you can have.


lift-off 5x5
5 push-ups between sets


for sense of urgency:
deadlift (~70-75%)
tall box jump

Endurance Option

lift-off 5x5
5 push-ups between sets


for sense of urgency while staying below AeroMAX:
deadlift (~50%)
short box step-ups (x2)

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