Friday, August 12, 2016

Your local library

The books in the top two cubbies are our lending library - please let us know if you want to borrow any of them. Books stacked in the bottom cubby are free for the taking. 
You may have noticed we're the nerd gym. That means we have a lot of readers. So it only makes sense that we've accumulated a small lending library. (It would be bigger, but Mike and Randy tend to choose e-books.) Anything that we think might be interesting reading in the health/fitness/training/nutrition areas might show up there. Just make sure to let us know if you'd like to take anything home with you to read.

I also started a giveaway pile (in the bottom cubby) of less relevant books. Please feel free to take anything you like, and if you have anything you want to get rid of that you think someone else might enjoy, feel free to bring them in to add to the pile. Anything that doesn't go will get donated to Goodwill eventually.

Read! It's good for you.


push press 5x3
2 pull-ups between sets


5:00 Turkish get-downs*
EMOM 10:00
10 heavy swings

*What is a TGD? It's the opposite of a get up. A get-up starts on the ground, you stand up, and then go back down. A get-down starts with you standing up, you go down to the ground, and then stand back up. The reason we do this is that you can switch hands while you're standing up without putting the bell down or trying to balance it over your head. Try to do all 5 minutes without the bell touching the ground.

Endurance Option

accumulate 15 push presses at 5RM
2 pull-ups between sets

5:00 Turkish get-downs
EMOM 10:00

15 light swings

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