Friday, September 2, 2016

Get comfortable with discomfort warm-ups all month

Denis Vasilev competing in the 10 minute long cycle test with double 32s.
Yesterday, Amy shared a post about how physical training and learning how to get comfortable being uncomfortable was good for you - even in real life, outside the gym. Randy decided to take it a step further and start a 30-day September challenge with 10 minutes of kettlebells every day. Here are Randy's rules:

Starts today Sept 1 and ends Sept 30. I've done a similar routine in the past and it is startling how quickly you will improve on just 10 minutes a day of random but consistent work.
Here are the rules:
1) 10 minutes minimum kettlebell work without putting the bell down. Switch arms as needed (or not all)
2) You can do any movement you want, including standing and holding the bell overhead, in the rack, or in the hang.
3) If you miss a day you may do 20 minutes the following day to make up. Similarly, if you know you will miss a day you may bank 10 minutes extra time the day before.
4) You may, if you wish do double kettlebell movements, but you still have to do minimum 10 minutes (you don't get to do 5 minutes total because you are using two bells)
5) Be creative, have fun, do a circuit of several exercises. All's fair.
I recommend you do a weigh in, body comp, blood pressure some sort of metric at the beginning and again on day 30. (For example: My goal is to improve my body comp 4% . I am also curious to see if regular hinging improves my hip arthritis symptoms)

So to make it easy you have the option (and by "option", I mean do it!) of skipping the warm-up and using that time for your 10 minutes of work.  I started yesterday with my 5:30 class, we'll keep it up all month long.

I also created a group on teh face place where you can post the work you did. Have fun, but also take it seriously - there's something magic about daily kettlebell work.


press 3x5
3 pull-ups between sets


8 rounds:
every 3:00
3 presses (~80-90% - heavy enough that you can always do 3, but it's a hard 3)
3 pull-ups
3 push-ups

Endurance Option

accumulate 15 presses at 5RM
3 pull-ups between sets


8 rounds:
every 3:00
5 presses (~70% - should be an easy fast 5)
5 pull-ups
5 push-ups

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