Tuesday, October 25, 2016

1HLC Wrap-up

We had a great turnout for the 1HLC on Saturday - it would have even been bigger but it conflicted with a weightlifting meet in Denver (Guys finished 3rd as a team, Gals 4th!).

We may err on the side of not doing them often enough because we don't want to destroy you guys with too many extreme ego-driven events, but I do like long challenges like these. Something like 60 continuous minutes of kettlebell work can bring you to a place where you have to learn how to get through the pain. Learning how you react in a situation like this, can really help you in real life. Sometimes you just need to get the work done, even if it sucks.

My two favorite quotes from the workout were "It's not as impossible as I thought" and "It's not enjoyable if it's not terrible".

I want to give a special shout-out to Josh, John, and Rob (a newbie to the gym!) for doing the event solo. Also give Axel a high-five next time you see him, he spent his Saturday on a team with his dad - what other high-school kid do you know that would do that.


deadlift 3x5
3 push-ups between sets


EMOM 20:00
odd minute - 1 deadlift AHAP
even minute - 5 burpees

Endurance Option

accumulate 15 deadlifts at 5RM
3 push-ups between sets

EMOM 20:00
odd minute - 3 easy deadlifts
even minute - 5 push-ups

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