Thursday, October 6, 2016

How we find the right path for you to get strong.

I always view the cycles in a strength program as fractal in nature
I was listening to a podcast this week about how to guide people through a complex progression. One example was about coaches in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and how the good ones know that there are a million different ways to learn the progressions, but find the right one or two for you. It got me thinking about strength programs and how we lead people through things.

Generally, we start everyone out with our boring linear progression because that really is the best thing for the average person who walks in the door. For someone new to real strength training, we found that for the first year or so this is the best way to create a solid base of strength. But as you progress and we learn more about your goals and how you're responding to the strength program, we start to tweak the program for you. You may see some people doing higher rep sets, or some hitting a heavy single every week and wonder why everyone isn't doing the same thing. That's because we're tweaking the program for specific goals. Of course, we only do that once you have a solid base.

The same goes with how we teach movement. Often when learning a new movement there are dozens of things you really need to worry about. But there's no way you can keep all of that in your head. So we'll start with the big issues and then work our way down and tweak things. This also sometimes confuses people in class because we give different people slightly different instruction. Sometimes we're nagging you about a small 1-inch change in position while for someone else we may just be trying to get them to get their weight back so they don't fall down when squatting. That's okay, everyone is in a different place with their skill so everyone has a different path to learning a movement.

Our goal in class is to have a group atmosphere where everyone is working on mostly the same stuff, but we work to customize and tweak the workout each day for your goals and your needs. There are a million different ways to get stronger, but we try create the best path we can for you.


press 3x5
2 heavy KB C&J each side between sets (2 second pause at the top)


3 rounds:
double KB if you can
0:30 overhead carry, 0:30 rest
1:00 rack carry, 1:00 rest
2:00 farmers walk, 2:00 rest
pick the heaviest bell you can for each movement

Endurance Option

accumulate presses at 5RM
2 heavy KB C&J each side between sets (2 second pause at the top)


The main workout should be enough work/rest to keep you below AeroMAX, if it's not lower the weight rather than rest more. 

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