Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Remember to sign up for the Individualized Programming hours

We have three different options for Members to train at Barbell Strategy.

My favorite is the S&C class. I love the challenge of writing a program that will progress people through skill and strength movements in a structured way, but still keep it simple enough that anyone can join class without a huge on-ramp commitment. I like having the set time that everyone comes together to workout, and I see a great community forming. People are hanging out after class talking more rather than running out right after they finish, something I had been hoping for this last year.

If you're a competitive weightlifter, or really just love the sport of weightlifting, then Randy's Weightlifting Club Practice is a great time to work out. There's no prerequisite to coming to club practice, it's open to everyone. Randy will write you a program for your goals. There are not many places where you can get a customized program as part of your membership - especially one written by someone as experienced as Randy.

If you can't make S&C or club practice we have Individualized Programming hours throughout the day. View this as a coached open gym time. Other places have open gym where you can come in and screw around (and get hurt), but we don't allow that. We want to make sure you're on a smart program and there will always be a coach around. We can also write you a custom program to work on during this time.

It really helps us if you can sign up ahead of time for any of the classes. We don't make it mandatory for S&C or Weightlifting Club Practice, but it does make our lives easier if we know who's planning on coming. However, we do need you to get in the habit of signing up for the Individualized Programming hours so that we can be sure to have a coach there. You can manage your schedule here. As our membership grows (yay!) we need a way to manage our space, so having you sign up ahead of time makes everything work more smoothly.


squat 3x5
3 KB C&J between sets - do them slow with a 2-second pause at the top


5:00 double KB C&J (24/16 if you can)
after the 5:00 are up, do 10 burpees for every time you put the bells down

Endurance Option

accumulate 15 squats at 5RM
3 KB C&J between sets - do them slow with a 2-second pause at the top


5:00 double KB C&J at a weight that keeps you below AeroMAX

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