Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Life outside the bubble

image stolen from http://theboulderbubble.com/
So we were away for a long weekend outside the safety of the bubble. When stocking up for the weekend, we brought our own bags to the grocery store and they were shocked. The folks in front of us at check out bought cigarettes and I was astonished.

I realize that we live in a very privileged area (you could buy the fancy vacation home we stayed in for less than our condo!) and I don't want this to sound like a first-world problems post, but I do have a serious concern: it's harder than I thought to buy real food!

We really only shop at Whole Foods or now Lucky's (yay for the new SoBo Lucky's), and while there is a huge section in the middle of the store that we never even look at, it's still pretty easy for us to buy quality unprocessed food. Outside the bubble, we only had a Safeway available to us and it was hard to find things as simple as heavy cream with no other ingredients than just cream! We had to go back to our old habits of reading every label and searching for the least processed food.

I know I rant about food a lot, and say "it's not that hard, people!" All you need to do is stay away from the food that has ingredients and not buy anything processed - stay to the perimeter of the store. That still holds, but I forgot how hard it is to do that in a "regular" grocery store. We're so lucky to live in Boulder, we have options (though, expensive - my food bill rivals my mortgage) to buy good quality foods. I hope that good-quality, minimally-processed food becomes less elitists, everyone deserves to eat well.


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2 TGUs between sets


continue deadlifting to a new max

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accumulate 15 deadlifts at 5RM
2 TGUs between sets


continue deadlifting to a heavy single

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