Monday, November 28, 2016

Low-intensity program for Endurance and Masters athletes

In addition to our normally scheduled workouts, we also have a modification for endurance athletes. Our definition of endurance athlete is pretty broad - basically anyone who does other outdoor activities (hiking, running, biking, mountaineering) in Colorado. Our goal with the endurance program is to make you stronger but not get in the way of your fun - or really make you stronger so that you can have more fun.

It turns out that our endurance program is also great for masters athletes. It's great for putting on muscle while keeping you healthy. Mark (pictured above) has been doing the program since we started it, and it's working really well for him.

Here's how it works: you do the strength workout with everyone else, but instead of doing the prescribed rep scheme, you just accumulate 15 reps at your 5RM, breaking up the sets any time you start to struggle. Once you can do 3 sets of 5 with no struggle, you add a few pounds the next time.

For the endurance modification of the daily workout, you need a heart rate monitor because we use your heart rate as a metric of how hard you're working. The goal is to keep your heart rate low (below 180-age) and slowly chug through the work. Only rarely will we let you go all out. We keep the endurance option similar to the main workout so that you can still enjoy the group nature of our workout. Everyone works together, and you just have make small modifications for your specific goals.

The goal is to play the long game and slowly build your strength and endurance without stressing your body. You will get fitter and stronger while still being able to enjoy the Colorado outdoors.


power snatch 5x2
2 TGU between sets


8 rounds for sense of urgency
3 heavy deadlifts
15 heavy swings

Endurance Option

power snatch 5x2
2 TGU between sets


8 rounds below Aeromax
not-so-heavy deadlifts
10 not-so-heavy swings

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