Monday, November 7, 2016

No on 2H - It's Bad Science

Which is a can of Coke and which is 100% pure organic grape juice?
I hope it's not too late for one more plea against 2H. I bet everyone is done with early voting, I know I am. It was a long ballot, but it was pretty easy: shall taxes be increased; with no increase in taxes, shall a temporary tax be extended; shall debt be increased

You may not believe my rant on the reason why this tax is showing up.  You may not agree with me that the tax is a bad idea. I hope now to show you that even if it's a good idea, the execution is wrong and not even aligned with biochemistry.

It seems that everyone is against "added sugar" in things. If you listen to any of the nutrition advice in the mainstream media, is all about staying away from added sugar. Even the new FDA label has a line for added sugar. Guess what? Sugar is sugar. Biochemically it all acts the same in your body.

Can you tell me if this sucrose came from your organic evaporated cane juice or from HFCS? Your body can't. It's sugar! (Rate of absorption does matter, and getting sugar with the fiber of fruit is different than drinking sugar, but drinking sugar is drinking sugar - whether it's grape juice or Coke.)

So 2H on the Boulder ballot is about taxing added sugar. What's added sugar? Well we really don't know, and that's part of the problem. The law is worded to selectively punish the soda companies. I'm definitely not pro-big-soda, but this is a dumb law because it tries to classify sugar differently, something that your body can't do.

What's worse is this: take a drink like Kombucha - a fermented tea. For the fermentation to happen, the bacteria needs some sugar to eat. So sugar is "added" to the brew for fermentation. However, the bacteria eat it and turn it into the fizzy bubbles that you get when you opened a bottle. So even though there is "added sugar" to Kombucha, there is little-to-no sugar in a finished bottle. But this law is about the added sugar, so your hippie-feel-good drink will be taxed. (I do love Kombucha, but I feel like a hippie when I drink it).

This is a dumb law written by people with grudges who think they know better than you, not by anyone who knows chemistry.

We need more libertarian chemists in local government - where could we ever find one?


power snatch 5x2
2 pull-ups between sets


5 rounds for sense of urgency:
20 KB snatches
10 box jumps
5 burpees

Endurance Option

power snatch 5x2
2 pull-ups between sets


5 rounds below AeroMAX:
20 KB snatches
20 box step-ups
5 push-ups

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