Monday, December 19, 2016

A new kind of nutrition challenge - start thinking about your goals for the new year

Jordan helping Michael with his Clean set-up in the clinic this weekend.
Generally Amy and I are against any kind of short-term challenge with points for good behavior. But the new year is coming up and sometimes you need some help kick-starting good behavior after the free-for-all during the holidays. So we're going to do a new kind of challenge.

Here's how we're going to do this: you think about what your goals are for the next year (lose weight, get stronger, get healthier, etc.), make a commitment about what you're going to do to get there (come to the gym 4-days a week, "eat right", etc.), and stick to your commitment.

It's that simple. Of course we're here to help. If nutrition is part of your goals, be sure to come talk to us - we have strong feelings on that :)

Be public about the goal and commitment - we'll have space on the board like we did last year. The rest is honor system: every time you don't stick to your commitment, bring in a dollar for the tequila-Friday fund. This extra awareness of your goals and commitment will really help you focus and make the change you need.


power clean 5-3x5
5 heavy swings between sets


slowly work up to a heavy single barbell thruster
then in the last 10 min of class
12-9-6 at 60%

Endurance Option

power cleans
5 heavy swings between sets


10 rounds below AeroMAX
5 thrusters
5 push-ups

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