Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Marlena Preigh talks Weightlifting, Irish Dancing

Well it's been about two months since I last posted an interview on this blog and it seems high time to change that. My teammate and friend, Marlena Preigh, agreed to answer some questions about her experience with Barbell Strategy following two wonderful performances (and 2 new PR's) this indoor track season.

For starters, tell us a little bit about your running/training background, how you got involved with Barbell Strategy, and how long you have been doing supplemental strength training with them.

I’ve been running since last winter, and continued through the spring, summer and fall. I lifted with Barbell Strategy over the summer through Ric Rojas, and started up again this winter.

If you could describe the coaching/training environment at Barbell Strategy in one word, what would it be and why?

I would describe the environment at Barbell Strategy as supportive. The personal attention that each athlete receives is amazing, and there’s always someone to help you out!

You recently ran an incredible new 800m PR at the University of Washington High School Invitational, do you feel that strength development assisted your performance? If so, how?

I definitely think that strength development aided my performance at the University of Washington. In addition to allowing my legs to move faster without getting tired earlier, I feel like it also assisted in my kick, allowing me to sprint for 100 plus meters without dying.

What is your favorite and least favorite lift and why?

My favorite lift is the split jerk, because I like the short burst of power. I like most of the lifts I do, but the overhead squat is probably my least favorite, because I have difficulty balancing during it.

Has there been any race, practice, or time trial lately where you could really pinpoint the effects of the training?

A couple of weeks ago I broke 60 in the 400m up at the Air Force Academy, which has been a goal of mine since the spring. The strength I’ve acquired from lifting definitely gave me the power and ability to do this. It was especially clear in my kick that the strength allowed me to push to the finish while fatigued.

With the outdoor track season coming up, do you have any particular goals in mind, or races that you are targeting? 

I plan to focus mostly on the 800 meters this spring, but also want to improve in the 400. I hope take my current PR in the 800 of about 2:17 and run a second or two faster, as well as run under 59 seconds in the 400.

What do you feel has been your most significant take-away from the weightlifting?

Through weightlifting, I’ve learned how important strength training is to reach my fullest potential in track!

Please tell us one random fun fact about yourself.

I used to do Irish Dance, and I still remember how to do all the moves and jumps!

Marlena crushes the competition at the USATF Colorado State Indoor Championships, running a new 400m PR.