Saturday, March 25, 2017

New weekly rowing program starts today

Kevin is serious about getting the spring-summer rowing program going. We're going to start with one day a week, Saturday, where we do longer events. We'll be able to spend more time with instruction and theory too. If there's interest, Kevin wants to add a second day.

Just like our strength and power class, we have a customized program just for you. I'm actually pretty proud of this. I am willing to bet that we are the only gym in the world that does the proper intensity scaling for rowing. I talked about this earlier, but it's less clear what it means to row at 70% effort than it is to lift at 70% efforts. When lifting, 70% of your one rep max is your weight times 0.70. Pretty easy.

With rowing fluid mechanics plays an important role and 70% isn't as straight forward to calculate. On the water, you need to worry about the drag from the water, on the erg you need to worry about the drag from the fly wheel. It's a good thing we're the nerd gym and we have our own Ph.D. fluid mechanic. We know how to scale effort the right way. We also have our own Ph.D computer scientist who can generate your weekly program just for you.

So here's the form for the Week 1 workout - you'll need a recent 2,000m time, though you can always guess if you need to.  Fill it out and we'll email you your workout for today. We'll get a new one out each week.

Remember, if you don't like rowing, Amy will be doing some kettlebell work - probably some fun complex.