Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The industrial food supply is poisoning us - and lying about it

I thought that I had ranted on here before about glyphosate (Roundup), but it looks like I never got around to it. There has been a lot of fake controversy about the safety of glyphosate. Some folks have found some evidence that the explosion in gluten sensitivity isn't really gluten sensitivity, but poison (glyphosate) sensitivity. Others have pointed out that the genetic modifications made to the grains to make them glyphosate resistant have had side effects.

I'm against GMO foods, but it isn't that the genetic modifications are scary (the typical hippie "frankenfood" argument). The problem is that the modifications could have unknown side effects (GM cops are not Lindy compatible), or that the fact that they are GM means that they can just dump poison on them and they don't die and that there's lots of residual herbicide on them.

The use of glyphosate and GM crops (that can withstand the glyposate) is becoming public knowledge and the wisdom of crowds is discouraging their use. But the turnaround has taken too long - mainly because "the government" said that glyposate was safe - and the reason was the Monsanto (the makers of both Roundup and GM crops that are Roundup resistant) ghost wrote reports to look like independent peer-reviewed articles on the safety of Round Up while at the same time lobbying the EPA to promote its safety.

What can you do? Grow your own food (and don't use Roundup or GM seeds), buy from a local farmer who doesn't use Roundup or GM seeds, or look certified GM-free food at your store (while the labeling is still legal). It may be more expensive now, but it will save you a ton in health costs down the road.

(I really tried to not make this a Crazy Libertarian rant)


row 500 / run 400
crawling lunge
10 KB swings or snatches
double KB overhead lunge
10 TGUs or windmills
10 goblet squats
5 pull-ups or push-ups or dips


front squat 5-3-3-3x3


2 TGUs between strength sets

Group Workout

10x3 high-hang snatch - heavy

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