Thursday, June 22, 2017

Follow the money (#coconutoil rant)

I had a different rant planned for today, but I found some more materials today that really show what's going on with the coconut oil controversy. My original plan was to pull out my chemist card and tell you "how it really works" (ask Amy about my ability to stop a party with the "how it really works" comment - no one appreciates chemists and how we know how everything works!). Let's skip that and go straight to the juicy story.

It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it! - Upton Sinclair (I thought this came from Taleb since that's where I first read it, but it's fitting that it came from Sinclair).

Let's follow the money.  March 2, 2017 in a Bayer Crop Science press releaseFor each bag of LibertyLink® soybean seed sold for the 2017 season, Bayer will contribute 5 cents to the AHA’s Healthy for Good movement for a total maximum donation of $500,000. In addition to monetary donations to support the cause, Bayer will help raise heart health awareness across America through educational activities targeted to growers in rural communities.

Yes, that's the same Bayer you're thinking of who sells you Aspirin to protect you from a heart attack. Don't you think it's suspect that the people who sell you drugs are also growing the food that's making you sick?

Bayer sells soybeans to farmers to make vegetable oil. The AHA says that natural unprocessed coconut oil that humans have eaten for thousands of years will kill you and that you should switch to highly processed vegetable oil. Then you get a heart attack and Bayer sells you Aspirin to keep you from having another one.



row 500 / run 400
crawling lunge
10 KB swings or snatches
double KB overhead lunge
10 TGUs or windmills
10 goblet squats
5 pull-ups or push-ups or dips


squat 8-8-3x8


2 pull-ups + 2 dips between strength sets

Group Workout

7 attempts to work up to a heavy as possible complex with a single kettlebell:
1 clean 
2 front squats
3 goblet squats
4 back squats
switch hands
1 clean 
2 front squats
3 goblet squats
4 back squats
(that's 20 total reps for the complex)

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