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Through grade school I had low self confidence and was never that great at anything athletic. I struggled to keep friends and never felt like there was a place that I fit in or felt comfortable where I could be myself. When the day came to graduate high school and move away from home, I was ecstatic to move across the country to Colorado. Little did I know that the next year and a half would be the catalyst for the most pivotal period in my existence.

Moving so far from home and away from serious adult supervision was what I imagine it must feel like to a caged animal that has just been released back into the wild. I partied a lot, made the wrong kind of friends, stayed up late, didn’t care for my body the way I should have, and disrespected every job I had. This lasted for about a year and a half until I was tired, broke, and had to move back home to New York.

The day after I moved home, I was hospitalized because I had gotten very sick from the constant chaotic life I had been living and it had finally caught up with me. I was there for several days and had barely eaten or been able to drink water. When they released me, I was so weak that I couldn’t even hold my arms above my head long enough to wash my hair. I had to sit in the tub and my mother had to bathe me, as if I was an infant. Talk about a humbling experience. It took a long time for me to be able to walk down our street without feeling winded or being sick to my stomach. I have never been so worn out in my life and I never wanted to put myself in that position again.

As I began the healing process, part of my mission was to gain back the strength I had lost. I started doing bodyweight workouts in the basement and kept up with it consistently for months. Eventually the workouts became easier and I wanted a new challenge. I had become more aware of weightlifting and found a gym that intrigued me. It took another few months to build up the courage to walk in the door. This place was punk rock and intimidating. But as soon as I did, I never looked back.

Becoming a member at Wolf Brigade Gym proved to be life altering. I struggled a lot when I first started there. Everything was difficult and I had many humbling moments that helped pave the path for the athlete I was to become. I never gave up no matter how challenging it was, and trust me, there were days I seriously thought about just walking out the door and never going back. The hardest training days offered the most reward once they were completed because you had the satisfaction of conquering a beast that gave you hell mentally and physically, and you had one more day under your belt where you were the victor and the workout did not break you.

Fast forward a bit and I now find myself at Barbell Strategy where I have the privilege to share what I have learned so far. It goes much deeper than being able to teach someone how to squat. Our mental capacity to handle hardships strengthens with every tough workout we complete and that may be one of the greatest lessons I have learned through training. That mental fortitude is as useful outside the doors of our gym as it is when you are in the middle of a challenging workout.

I am no longer that low confidence shell of a girl I once was. I am strong and in control of my life. Something that had been so elusive to me in the past that I have fought so hard to attain. It is now a tool that I get to use to my advantage to cultivate a life I want and am proud to live. I continue to earn the strength of my mind and body on a daily basis through hard work and a lot of sweat. I love every second of it.

The greatest gift of all is to be able to share my passion for strength and conditioning with others. What it has done for my life is nearly indescribable and I hope that rubs off on the people I have the pleasure of working with.


row 500 / run 400
crawling lunge
10 KB swings or snatches
double KB overhead lunge
10 TGUs or windmills
10 goblet squats
5 pull-ups or push-ups or dips


front squat 8-8-3x8


2 TGUs between strength sets

Group Workout

5-5-5 press
3-3-3 push press
1-1-1-1-1 push jerk
go up in weight each set

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