Thursday, August 31, 2017

Shirt Contest Info

I have gotten a ton of interest in the shirt design contest that I announced earlier. Here's all of the info in one place.

Submission Deadline: August 31. Send them here. You may submit as many designs as you want.

Submission Format: I'd prefer to order the shirts from Custom Ink, so if you make it easy by designing there and just sharing the design that's great! If you are a real artist and give me a .png, or better a .svg I can handle that too. If you want to work somewhere other than Custom Ink, make it easy for me.

Shirt Styles: I'm going to get a long-sleeve shirt because I need some of those for the fall, and I'll also be ordering short sleeve shirts and some women's tank tops. Ideally you'd use the same design for all, but you can do what you want. There's no requirement that the design be fall themed, it's just when we're placing the order.

Selection Criteria: I'm a strict market libertarian so we will let dollars vote for us. I will post your designs and the total printing cost for each design and let all members of the gym vote for what they would order. I always do fancy shirts with a single color, single side print. But will a more expensive multi-color sleeve-print design do better? Only the market knows.

Fonts: I prefer but do not require you to use the gym fonts (but I will silently judge you for your font selection). The corporate font for Barbell Strategy is Russo One stretched to the metrics of Eurostile (or Michroma if you don't have the non-free font). I also love Futura, though doesn't feel like a very good gym font.

Logos and Images: Here are google drawing source images of our logo in both square and wide aspects. Feel free to use these for starting points.

Colors: I like but do not require you to use the gym colors. The corporate blue is 0x073763, (7,55,99) RGB, (0.929, 0.444, 0.000, 0.612) CMYK.

The Winner Gets: If we go with Custom Ink, it will be really easy. If we don't go with Custom Ink, then I'll come up with something. Custom Ink gives me a group order form. I can pick the estimated number of shirts and they'll charge everyone based on that estimate. I'll pick a low estimate, say 10 shirts. If more than the estimate is ordered, then the per-shirt cost goes down. The winning artist will get the difference between what everyone pays and what the actual shirt cost is. Market economics says you want a big order with mass appeal, so let that inform your design(s). You'll also get a free shirt of each style we end up ordering.

Legal: You'll retain the copyright to your design, but I'll keep a non-exclusive license to use it or any portion of it again in future prints.

Questions: Ask me anything and I'll keep this post updated.